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Jewish Settlers & Patriots

The American Jew was not the downtrodden stereotype Jew of anti-Semetic Europe (no white beard, sideburns, bent head, etc.). Practicing Jews were not welcomed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. They tried to convert the Jews.

Judah Touro of Boston was one of America's greatest philanthropists.

Massachusetts was anti-Semetic. The Jews there were not treated equally. They had to go to New York or Albany for marriage or burial.

Moses Hays, the most prominent Jew in Boston, in 1784, along with several Gentile bankers, formed the Massachusetts Bank, now known as First National Bank of Boston. In 1778, he became the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Masschusetts (Paul Revere was his Deputy).

Benjamin Seixas was one of the founders of the New York Stock Exchange (1747-1817).

Charleston - Many prominent Jews were plantation owners, merchants and slave dealers.

Francis Salvador was a prominent officer in the Carolina Militia and was ambushed and scalped by Cherokees.

Jacob I. Cohen, a broker and a land speculator in Richmond, VA, was in business with Daniel Boone of Kentucky. He was also President of the Baltimore City Council and founder of its Public School system.

Shina Etting, a Captain in the Revolutionary Army, was named U.S. Marshall for Maryland by President Jefferson.

Jacob Hart had advanced money and supplies to General Lafayette during the Revolution.

Aaron Levy was a patriot and founder of Aaronsburg, PA, in 1786.

Dr. Isaac Hays was one of America's foremost physicians and a founder of the American Medical Association.

Major Benjamin Nories and Col. Isaac Frances were heroes of the Revolution and were cited several times for gallantry.

Col. David Frances was an Aide de Camp to General Benedict Arnold.

Haym Solomon, a Polish Jew and a great patriot, lent credibility to the Revolutionary cause by financing a good portion of the war. He was a friend of Robert Morris (signer of the Declaration of Independence).

Abraham Mordecai was the founder of Montgomery, Alabama.

Uriah Philip Levy was a Navy hero in the War of 1812. He was promoted to Commodore. He fought against and abolished capital punishment for sailors in the Navy.

Jacob Hayes was named New York City Chief of Police in 1802.

Henry Castro of Texas was Sam Houston's friend and a colonizer of Texas.

David Camden de Leon from Charleston was a hero of the Mexican War and later named Surgeon General of the Confederate Army.

Hyam Cohen was another hero of the War of 1812.

Georgia had many prominent Jews, one was Mordecai Sheftall, Revolutionary hero of Savannah.

Joshua Abraham Norton, a San Francisco Forty Niner (1849), became a millionaire, lost it all, came back in 1859, and issued a proclamation declaring himself Norton I, Emperor of the United States.

There were approximately 6000 Jews in the Revolutionary time increasing to almost 150,000 prior to the Civil War (mostly German). 

David Levy Yulee of Florida was the first Jew to sit in the U.S. Senate in 1845.

Sol Star was a Jewish cattle baron in Montana (1870).

Adam Gimbel of Indiana was founder of Gimbels Department store.

Goldwaters - Among the first familes of Arizona arriving in 1870.

Simon Baruch; Father of Bernard Baruch - South Carolina Confederate surgeon.

Simon Levy of Baltimore was one of the first two graduates of West Point.

7000 Jews served in the Northern Army during the Civil War. Ten held the rank of General and seven Jews received the congressional Medal of Honor.