Eighteen Jewish Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor
by Seymour "Sy" Brody

The Congressional Medal of Honor (CMOH) is the highest decoration an American military person can receive for outstanding heroism and bravery in battle. Eighteen Jews have received the CMOH. There are probably more as many are unknown because they enlisted under different names. As in the past, the future will reveal more names of the Jews who received the CMOH.


Jews have fought in every skirmish, battle and war from the American Revolutionary War to Desert Storm.  The Jewish War Veterans of the USA, the oldest active veterans organization in the country, was organized on March 15, 1896, by 78 Jewish Civil War veterans in New York City to expose the lies of Mark Twain and other writers of that day “that Jews didn’t fight in the Civil War.”


The 18 Jewish recipients of the CMOH that we know of since the medal was first issued during the Civil War are:

Civil War – 6

Indian War – 2

Haitian Campaign – 1

World War I – 3

World War II – 3

Korean War – 1

Vietnam War – 2


The National Museum of Jewish Military History in Washington, DC, has records, memorabilia, artifacts exhibits not only of these brave men and women, but of other Jewish men and women who have served in the armed forces of the United States. This exhibit was prepared by Seymour “Sy” Brody, Delray Beach, FL, editor of the Jewish War Veterans “The Jewish Veteran” and author of Jewish Heroes of America and its sequel, Jewish Heroines of America.


Recipients of the CMOH


Abraham Cohn – Civil War,  1865

saac Gause – Civil War,  Sept. 1864

George Geiger – Indian War, Oct. 1878

Sydney G. Gumpertz – WWI, Sept. 1918

Henry Heller – Civil War,  May 1892

Isadore S. Jachman – WWII, Jan. 1945

Jack H. Jacobs – Vietnam War, March 1968

Leopold Karples – Civil War, April 1870

Benjamin Kaufman – WWI, Oct.  1918

John L. Levitow – Vietnam War, Feb. 1969

Benjamin Levy – Civil War, March 1865

Samuel Marguiles – Haitian Campaign, May 1891

Tibor Rubin – Korean War, 2005

William Sawelson – WWI, Oct. 1918

Ben Salomon – WWII

Simon Suhler – Indian War, Nov. 1876

David Urbansky – Civil War, Aug. 1879

Raymond Zussman – WWII, Sept. 1944